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The youth group was started the summer of 2022. It is a new part of our club, but a very important part. We believe it is in the community’s best interest to give this opportunity to our youth. So, the cost is intentionally low, or even free.

Instead of membership dues, Youth Group participants will be assessed a $5.00 fee quarterly. This fee is waived with participation in the certification process. Also, fees would be waived if the youth is already part of a family membership.

Prospective members are youth ages 9 up to age 18.

We encourage parents to become active in the club. Understanding what is being taught, assisting when we are short-handed, and helping us set the direction for the youth group are all beneficial for the club.

Typically, meetings start with announcements and introductions followed by a learning opportunity. After that we run the trains on the layout. (Youth club members are allowed to bring their own approved, and labeled equipment to run during this time).

Learning opportunities are presented by club members that are experts in their field. Many of our members are, or have been, railroad employees and many have many years of modeling experience. When possible, learning experiences are hands on and realistic.

There are no requirements to purchase anything. The only requirement is that you have an interest in model railroading and you respect the club and the other members.

We welcome you to come and see for yourself.

Requirements for Youth Group membership

photo of two children an adult doing a railroad push-car
  • Individual meets the age requirements* of 9 years up to 18 years.
  • Lives in the local area.
  • Is physically able to see, reach, and work on the lower level of the layout.
  • Follows directions well.
  • Follows the Club Safety requirements at all times.
  • When asked, participates and helps with club functions just like the regular members of the club including:
    :: Open houses,
    :: Ride the Rails,
    :: Helping and mentoring others, and
    :: Rolling stock and layout maintenance.